Apartment Movers in Houston

When it’s time to move from your apartment, the Movers Guys are ready to help. The company specializes in the transport of furniture, boxes, shelving, and fragile items. Whether you’re moving from one apartment to another or from your current apartment to a townhome or other residence, count on Movers Guys for dependable transport throughout the Houston area.

Experienced Apartment Moving Service

Not all apartment moving services are alike. Some charge high fees for certain items, and the original price is often not locked in. Movers Guys prides itself on: 

  • Set prices and binding agreements.
  • Guaranteed pickup and drop-off times.
  • Safe transport of items on specially designed trucks.
  • Available packing services. 

Apartment moving companies often ask you to schedule your move around their convenience. The Movers Guys take your information about pickup times, the new destination for your belongings, and convenient transportation dates. They will then design a personal moving contract with a guaranteed price tag that never changes.

This is a professional service carried out by apartment movers in Houston who understand that your time is valuable. Movers Guys will even help you pack your belongings and assist in the transport of boxes, furniture, and other items from your living room all the way to the exact room in your new residence where the items belong. Up the stairs or elevators, through tight openings, and even out to the terrace or patio, the company places your belongings where you want them.

Best Apartment Moving Service Professionals

All Movers Guys field operators are trained in the moving and storage of all types of personal items. Before the move date, you will be given tips on how to prepare the items for transport. This includes packing suggestions for tables, microwave ovens, computers, TVs, and stereos. The company even provides such materials as boxes, packing plastic, foam, and sealing tape at a small price that’s agreed on beforehand.


The service includes loading, unloading, and transport by dolly, hand cart, or muscle power to your new apartment or condo. Because apartment dwellers generally have only a moderate amount of belongings needing transport, a single truck and a few hours of time is all that’s required to get the job done.

Apartment Movers In Houston And Surrounding Region

Movers Guys serves all of Houston areas. The company selects the best possible transport route to ensure prompt delivery and unpacking of items at the destination point. What sets this company apart from most other apartment movers is dedicated same-day service and a personalized touch. Moving across town to a new apartment can be a hassle, and your time is better spent getting the lease signed and taking out renter’s insurance. Let Movers Guys do the hard work. Contact the company today to schedule an inspection of your belongings. You’ll get a binding contract agreement that’s sure to please.

Need a first class moving service in Houston? You found it!

Our work is always quick and efficient! We aim to save you time and money! Call us and get the best affordable moving experience to forget the heavy lifting and moving stress!